Dipl.-Ing. Diana Stefan (FH)

I have been interested in the creation of garments since school and my
apprenticeship as a tailor only made this passion stronger and lead to my
academic studies of fashion design engineering. The studies covered a wide
range of topics in the various fashion areas, but I have focussed on pattern
cutting, grading, workmanship and the technical realization of garments.
Working for Schiesser, Esprit and Hugo Boss, I gathered a lot of experience in the German fashion industry: I was trained in quality management tasks, like controlling the fit and workmanship of protos and SMS and liaising with the Far East suppliers to improve the samples. This included a lot of measurement, fittings, checking the grading and I could further hone my excellent knowledge of pattern cutting.


To put it in a nutshell: I have more than 10 years experience with pattern
cutting, the realization of clothes.